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I'm very happy I never had a problem with eBay I got my stuff and if any problems was I have contacted the seller and refund my money back.

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This was happens 2 times only. I like it ok sometimes are coming late but is still ok because that price u can't find anywhere. It would have worked out better if I had gone to a high street retailer like CEX. LaurenScarlett If you cannot find it in store or on a retailer's website, you'll find it on Ebay.

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The app is especially easy to use. Most recently I purchased midi to usb converters from China. This was something I could not find locally. It took a couple of months for my order to reach me, but I was perfectly happy to wait. The customer interaction is very good.

Up To 50% Off Refurbished Electronics At eBay

They have some great products but I'm stuck relying on either someone else or certain listing's as i don't do PayPal. I used to use ebay fairly frequently but now I use other outlets more than ebay which is a shame.

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The app is fab when your just relaxing and surfing the web. I usually try and but things without paying for delivery which is good. DawnBailey eBay used to be fantastic for picking up bargains, and selling items, but with the free sites popping up eBay can now be quite expensive to buy and sell. Postage for items has massively increased making the purchases more expensive.

I still use eBay for certain items especially if its Free postage or express postage and i need something quick. I have the app and use it, still a good site but you need to know prices or don't enter a bidding war just add the amount you want to pay sarahtwinmom I don't use eBay as much as I used to, perhaps only a few times a year, but sometimes if I'm looking for something a little obscure art, vintage items, books then it's the only place to look. I mostly have a positive view of eBay, having made some fantastic purchases through them, but there is always a concern that items won't be fairly described.

This has happened to me on a few occasions and I've felt it too much of a chore to complain - my own failing. I have never sold anything on eBay so I can't comment from that perspective. I will continue to shop through eBay now and again but for most things I would rather use Amazon.

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I but a lot of craft materials, wool and cake decorating equipment and tools. I tend to only buy from UK merchants so that you can usually guarantee what you are buying is of good quality and genuine. The added assurance of using Paypal to pay for anything you buy is one of the best things I find when shopping on ebay. If you do have any problems with a seller they will always sort it out for you. The charges for selling anything I feel are very high though. Needless to say I have not sold anything on there jacquis I love eBay because I can buy almost anything from the site, from tea towels to shelving to bed frames.

It has great prices and most items offer free delivery. Thier returns are easy to implement and the eBay money back guarantee gives great peace of mind. I dislike eBay because some of the sellers arent honest and don't send your items. Sometimes it may not be what you ordered. This can be very unfair and eBay does not punish seller's for this. ReviewerOfSorts I love ebay because of the simple filtering options and easy to read seller info rating.

Iam wary of fakes so always look at feedback. I love buying items from China for crafting with as if you are not in a hurry you you can buy all sorts of fantastic things for pennies.

20% Off Ebay UK Discount Code - February - Site-wide Vouchers

SandyRhodes I use EBay all the time. Mostly to sell things that I no longer need, and the app is the easiest place to do this. It takes hardly any time to upload all the details and photos. They also do offers like sell for a pound which saves you money on more pricier listings.

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I also use it to buy items, and you can get some real bargains especially with top name brands. You can add your nectar card which gives you extra nectar points on your purchases. They have literally everything listed you can think of and its easy to spend hours browsing random items. Freebiesarefun I used to use EBay loads to buy and sell but I find the fees from eBay and then PayPal taking there cut doesn't make it as worthwhile as it was years ago. I still buy from them mostly pet goods and gardening products.

I always pay by PayPal so I am covered if anything goes wrong and I always check the customers feedback before purchasing anything. As a whole I love eBay but there is certain things that always get lost. Like items from China. Obsessed with Christmas outfits so got some great ones of that. Only ever had one item as not described which is a real plus. Purchased must be paid with PayPal. Check out the Huge Selection of Tech Essentials. Shop the Top Electronics Deals. Great Deals on Televisions.

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