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The service was great and the host was very engaging. But the food was less than superior if you want high quality sushi. The service was horrible. Several of us had to ask for one thing 3 different times before recieving it. The organization of the buffet was horrible since we had about 15 people. What was the point for us to individually order when all of the sushi came on big platters of randomness that everyone had to share? It also seemed like they were catering to their caucasian customers better then they were to us, their waters were always filled and they seemed to be having a better time than us.

The food was fresh or seemed like it and tasted great. I drove past this restaurant several times and wanted to try something new….. The dining areas is very loud as there is noise from the hibachi room: The sushi was mediocre at best. The spicy tuna roll was not spicy. The rolls has little flavor. I know it was the 4th of July, which is why I called to find out if they were open, and for how long. I was told by the hostess that the latest they would seat new customers was 8 pm. We left our home in Eagan and drove immediately over to Woodbury, we arrived shortly after 7: I explained I had called, and she remembered me.

The manager I like to call Lurch, as he has as much personality and charisma with the infamous red rose in his pocket, informed us that they were closing early the closing time on the door was 11pm. I explained we drove all the way from Eagan to try this resturant. He said that they just made the decision to close down early, but offered us to order al a carte.

We said no thanks and left. I told her that was fine, but I would be adding to the bad reviews. I will not attempt another trip back, as I can see my business is not wanted. Not worth the time…. Woodbury needs more and varied Restaurants. I had been waiting in great anticipation for this to open because of the lack of good, non-chain, varied restaurants. I have mixed feelings about this place. I stopped in around lunchtime, saw that it was busy, so made reservations for that night. While waiting to make the reservations I saw exactly what others are seeing.

I had enough time to observe. When the waitress had not come back in a while, I flagged him down to get a To Go box. He looked very affronted, without a word turned away. We did not know if he would be back. This compounds the delays when it is busy. I am sure everyone would get wonderful service if it were slow.

Everything you want a Hibachi Chef to be.

Akita Hibachi

I will go back, mostly because of the Chef and Food. But that manager is obviously clueless, does not run a good show and it is a bad bad sign when he refuses to get his hands dirty to help those he manages.

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The wait to get in is out the door and now we know why. After waiting for 45 min after we ate our first sushi rolls, and being ignored by our waitress, ignored by the busboy, and told by another waitress that she could not help, we finally asked for the manager. The manager gave excuses for the poor service, did not offer to assist in any way other than bringing the check.

This place is a waste of time and money. The manager even admitted that they are short staffed, but did not offer any compensation or offer to get us the rest of our dinner. In fact, he suggested that we should have reserved the hibachi tables for better service.

Nice, since I did not want hibachi. I suspect that he has no management experience and do not recommend anyone in the Woodbury area even bother to try it out. Or better yet, drive into the city for better service and quality. I have been to this restaurant many times, as well as many other sushi restaurants.

In my overall opinion, I like the restaurant. I specifically go for the all-you-can-eat, and have tried both the lunch and dinner menus with larger groups ad small groups. Despite having either fabulously attentive servers or rather inattentive servers though my more recent visits have had far more of the former the speed of delivery of the food is infinately better than other AYCE places!

The food typically arrives less than 10 minutes after you order. The only real complaint I have is that if you are there a really long time, the servers tend to get less friendly. First off, let me say, the service is so bad. The sushi itself was the worst. I left the restaurant eating about 10 pounds of rice.

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  7. Their goal is to get you stuffed to the max with rice so you can stop ordering. Do NOT waste your money here. There are plenty of other great sushi restaurants in the Twin Cities.

    Akita Hibachi in Woodbury MN | Coupons to SaveOn Food & Dining and Japanese, Hibachi & Sushi

    Do they know what sashimi is?? Try Origami in the warehouse district. Are their servors legal?? I mean.. Somebody should probably look into that. Those are just a couple of things I wonder. The service was quick but at the end of the meal when it was time to pay the server was very unorganized.

    It took her a long time to get everyone change and bring back the credit cards. My credit card got overcharged. The waitress kept telling me that I was charged the right price when my receipt only said to pay a certain amount. It would have been nice to receive some sort of apology instead of making me feel like I was in the wrong.

    The server was quite rude. I thought Akita was great! When we arrived we were all seated right away. Our waitress was very friendly. She took our drink order and those came right away. After we all had drinks and looked at the menu for about 5 minutes she started to take our orders. We all ordered numerous times and our food came out within minutes every time. Our waitress also separated our bill right from the start so there was no issue in the end with paying.

    The food was very good and our service was excellent! We all ordered different food and shared with each other for the most part. There is a mixture of items for non-sushi people also. But I would recommend trying it. He was glad that he did. I loved the Dragon Rolls!!! If you have ever worked in a service industry you know that one person calling in can totally disrupt the entire day. That could have been the case on any of the visits below. You also have to take into consideration the day and time that you are going to a restaurant.

    Friday and Saturday nights are going to be busier. So be more patient. Take a chance and find out for yourself if you like Akita or not. Everyone has a different experience! I think this restaurant needs a new Manager. Review sugested that reservations be made for the hibachi part of the restaurant.

    In trying to do so, the establishments doors were locked before 2: When I finally got a voice messaging system, I left a message. No one returned my call. It was a birthday celebration which turned amuk as they could serve us for several hours. We sat down and I did not see anything I liked on the all you can eat menu so I asked our server if we could see an al la carte menu.

    The menu was way different and had so many other options. As a server myself I have to work very hard for my tips and always give good customer service, not here at all. The server, which I am not going to disclose any names, had the bad broken English and did not seem to listen to our wants at all. I ordered steak and shrimp and I ordered my steak medium rare. It came out well done. I worked at a steak house so I know what it is supposed to look like. I got the wrong food she brought out steak and chicken. She was not friendly at all and did not deserve the tip we gave her. The atmosphere of the place was horrible.

    It was very umwelcoming and extremely uncomfortable place to be. It felt like they did not even want us there. I am not a picky or needy customer. But I do like good service and for people to work for a tip. Manager with flower was brusque. The waitress was good — a little slow. We went around 2: We were the only people eating hibachi food at that time. The chef was very friendly and put on a nice show for us. Although there were people there taking pictures which was annoying but they stopped once we gave them looks of disgust.

    This place has potential. Might not run right back but would definitely try in a few months or more. The soup was good — the salad dressing was very good however the lettuce was watery.

    Wann Japanese Izakaya

    The shrimp appetizer was rubbery and the chicken was overcooked. Also my husband had lobster, steak and scallops. The seafood pretty much tasted the same. The steak was fine if not a little dry. I see in other reviews, that they do take reservations if their having a good day I dislike the services that the waitress, Ryan had given us I mean he barley spoke English he was hard of hearing or something- we had to speak loud for him to hear us.

    Kept us waiting and waiting… for refills, for re-orders and waiting on our food. I had everyone at my table try it and everyone agreed with me. At this time, we were fed up and wanted our bill and left. We are never coming there ever again! Bottom line: Each customer deserve the same service no matter what. I would actually go 4. Plus you can try different things and not feel you are wasting your money. He loves the sirloin they serve, and just tried the udon for the first time and really liked it. We had never been to Akita and have gone 3 times in the last month. There are a variety of servers, but all seem willing to help out when you have questions about certain items on the menu.

    Just try it, it is way better than a buffet because the food is made to order and fresh! I love sushi. Bye bye Akita. Arrived on a Saturday afternoon 3: Did the all you can eat Sushi. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. We had a Sushi snob in our party and he loved it!! White Tuna, Salmon,Octopus Yellow tail.

    Did not try Hibachi menu, we really like Sushi. Service was excellent, especially since we ordered many different times and tried many items. Our waiter, Alex, was excellent and very patient. We would have easily spent double at most Sushi restaurants. Plan on going back soon!! We had reservations for 4 at 8pm. We got thee at 7: They seated us and then told us that that was not our real table was not actually ready, so we sat at a "holding table for 10 minutes before they moved us over. When we asked for the all you can eat Sushi special they offered they said we were seated in the wrong area and would have to be reseated even though we were in mixed comapany some eating sushi and some hibatchi , though no one asked us preferences before we when we checked in.

    The salad, soup and actual food was paced far apart and we were hungry by the time real food was served. It was hard to get refills on drinks and the chef was hardly entertaining. The rice was flavorless and the meat and seafood overcooked and stillhad shells on the shrimp and lobster. I have been eating at this restaurant since it opened. We eat at these restaurants about 5 times a month and have yet to be disappointed.

    I moved to Minnesota from NYC , where sushi is in the hundreds of dollars and takes weeks to months to get a reservation at an equally tasteful spot. I have never had fishy tasting food, the salmon is always melt in your mouth amazing, and I cant get over the price. The people that are rating this restaurant poorly are clearly unaware of what restuarant they are reviewing and should be negated. I highyl suggest visiting this local establishment.

    The spicy salmon roll is one of my favorites! The added crunch is awesome and it is just a classic meal item. I must say…I have been to many Sushi restaurants in the cities and surrounding suburbs. Akita has excellent sushi, and a great selection of other food if you are not into sushi such as teryaki chicken, rice, noodles, tempura, even a hibachi bar! Very Very delicious. One of my favorites. But this roll, especially for the price is amazing!

    My husband and I went out on a Friday night at 7 without reservations and were told 20 minutes, but we were seated in Our server was slightly awkward, but did her job well. She refilled our water as needed, and the food came remarkably quick! We opted to not do the all you can eat because we ordered 3 plates of sushi and some tempura and it was more than enough! The food was beyond amazing, I will be going back this weekend to try the Hibachi!!! I thought the sushi and the udon noodles were delicious… however the teriyaki chicken could have been better?! On another note..

    Or go to a certain restaurant, for example.. The one star is for the giant Sapporo I got at the beginning of the meal. I am not normally one to complain and am content with just about everything. Hands down the worst place I have ever been to.

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    Everything about the place is cheap and has a really unauthentic feel. If you have ever enjoyed sushi, you will find something weird with their rolls. We also got chicken fried rice that was all chicken fat. We left unsatisfied and still hungry. I think that perhaps some of the negative comments in the reviews were when they were trying to get started at Akita sushi. Sure some of the servers are quiet but they are friendly and nice. A lot of them are ESL speakers and do quite well. I bring this up due to a bunch of negative remarks regarding staff. On top of this you have such a great variety of choices of other foods as well!

    The have the classic sushi offereings of seaweed and octopus salads, edamame and a bunch of great other appetizers. They have tempura choices, yakisoba choices, grilled meats, fried meats, soups and more, all done pretty close to Japanese style! Quality seems to be maintained fairly well. I have, earlier in life, also cooked in a variety of kitchens in restaurants for over a decade.

    Salmon caught in Alaska is frozen ON the boat when its caught. Trust me, I commercial fished in Alaska. Tunas, Halibuts and more, all frozen. Its frozen live and maintains freshness. But I digress. Fish quality at Akita, great. Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki choices. Pretty good variety of fish and a whole lot of other great choices on the menu besides Sushi.

    I recommend it. Did I also mention that I lived in Japan for a year and have managed a Sushi restaurant myself in the past? Give it a go! I tried out this place for the first time back in November with my sisters. Basically, we were each given the dinner sushi buffet menu in which we could order what ever we liked. After a round of our first order, the waiter took away all menus except for one for us to refer to as we order along.

    The green tea came and it was luke warm rather than hot and I like hot beverages to be HOT. However, this was corrected when the waiter brought our group a tea kettle filled with hot green tea a little later on. The miso soup was good. The sushi was average. The sashimi was average too. Especially the large tempura shrimp with the delicous dipping sauce was very memorable. Other highlight dishes of this restaurant is their beef udon noodles great broth! Overall, the service we received was pretty good.

    No one was rude to us and the waiter checked on us in good intervals. I have been to Akita about 6 times now and have never been disappointed. Reading reviews about the bad service and what not made me a bit wary the first time going but I have never had a problem. The waitresses are always smiling, very friendly and polite. Do not accept after the expiration. No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Consumer pays any sales tax.

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    Akita Japanese Restaurant, Moosic: See 45 unbiased reviews of Akita Japanese Restaurant, rated 4 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked 3 of 42 restaurants in Moosic. Akita Sushi's sushi is both healthy and tasty, making it one of the most popular sushi spots in Saint Paul. Drinks are also on the menu here, so visitors can start the night off right.

    This sushi spot is great for families with kids. Comfort is prioritized at Akita Sushi, and guests are encouraged to come as they are. If you need to get Find the support you need to cut back on Japanese restaurant expenses at SaveOn. Donations accepted: Monetary, kuranda bed, crates, collars, medications, leashes, raffle items, grooming supplies, coupons for food or treats Akita Rescue K-9 Services, German Shepherd Rescue, Inc. Can't stay at this restaurant long? Pick up and go home. Parking is accessible and not far from the restaurant.

    Cyclists are in luck. Akita Hibachi and Sushi. Today View Website. Contact Info. Be the first to recommend this Akita Japanese Steakhouse in Fairfield is known for its tasty eats. This restaurant is a terrific spot for families to gather with its kid-friendly ambience and menu. Getting online is easy with Akita Japanese Steakhouse's free and convenient wifi.

    Shake off the stiff workday duds at Akita Japanese Steakhouse? We serve soups, salads, sashimi, rolls, and hand rolls. Highway Cedar Hill , TX , Work with us. We work for Akitas who need our help in our spare time. All of our volunteers have pets, families, homes, and jobs of their own, and do this work simply for the love of the Akita breed.