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This is yet another basic tripod from Simplex that is extremely lightweight and has a sleek and compact design. This tripod is made using quality aluminium with oval section which makes it durable, lightweight and stable. It features a 2-pin platform with 3-way pan head and bubble level which helps to keep the camera aligned. Folded length of the tripod is millimeters, maximum operating height is millimeters and load capacity is 3 kgs. The weight of the tripod is just 1 kg. The legs come with quick flip level lock which makes it easy to adjust the height of the tripod as required.

The folded length of the tripod is M, maximum operating height is MM, maximum load capacity is 5 kgs and weight of the tripod is 1. This is a sleek and stylish mini tripod from a reputed brand that can support compact system cameras weighting up to 1 kg. This tripod comes with a comfortable hand grip that can be used to capture smooth and shake-free videos as well. This is a highly flexible and versatile tripod that comes with wrappable legs having more than 2 dozen leg joints which allow you to take pictures from any angle and any direction.

This is a decent quality mini tripod with impressive features that is available at a reasonable price. This mini tripod is made using quality stainless steel and plastic material and come with adjustable-height metal legs 4. The legs of the tripod are extremely flexible and come with multiple joints which can be bending at any angle and wrapped around branches. This tripod comes from a reputed band and has high level of functionality. The tripod is extremely flexible thanks to the multiple leg joints so it can be bend, tilted and rotated in any direction. This tripod system comes with a ball head that allows smooth rotation of the camera.

The sturdy built of the legs provide amazing stability and support. It can bear up to 3kgs of weight. The tripod stand also features a quick-release clip that ensures easy setup and detachment of the camera.

Made using aluminium and ABS material, this tripod is durable, compact and lightweight. How to Choose a Tripod? Weight Rating The most important thing to consider while choosing a tripod is how much weight it can support. Tripod Weight and Material Most quality tripods are made using aluminium which makes them lightweight and durable.

Tripod Legs Tripods legs are either tubular or non-tubular in shape. Tripod Feet Some high-end tripods come with different types of feet that can be replaced to make it stable on different types of surfaces such as ice, rocks, wood, marble, etc. Tripod Head A tripod head is the most important part of the tripod system that holds the camera securely and controls its movement.

There are 3 main types of tripod heads — Pan-Tilt Head — Pan Tilt heads come with a single handle or dual handles.

Tripods Price List in India 12222

The handles allow horizontal and vertical movement of the camera. Ball Head — Ball heads have only a singular control that loosens and tightens the grip. Ball heads are extremely flexible and allow smooth operation of the camera. Gimbal Head — This is a specialized type of head for long and heavy lenses. This type of head offers the perfect balance to the camera with the heavy lenses. The Ball head allows you to quickly position the camera for portraits and landscapes.

The flexible and wrappable legs provide stability to the camera on any surface. Two dozen leg joints for better flexibility and precision Comes with Ball head Can take up to 3kgs weight Quick release clip for easy camera set up Stainless steel tripod screw for better securing of the camera Lightweight and compact CONS: The ball head also features pop and unlock shoe that helps to detach the camera with ease.

This tripod comes with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer. Lightweight and compact tripod Comes with pistol grip style ball head Provides degree rotation Pop and unlock shoe 2 years warranty CONS: Benro TEX Digital Tripod Kit This is yet another lightweight and portable tripod kit that offers good support, stability and security to your camera and comes at a reasonable price.

It features a 3 way pan head which provides flexibility and wide range of perspective. The super quick locking legs allows prompt and quick set up and makes it completely secure. This tripod kit comes with 3 years warranty from Benro India from the date of purchase. The ball head of the tripod can be rotated and adjusted on a horizontal level. The tripod can take maximum load of 7kgs which makes it suitable for professional cameras. The tripod weighs just 1. Entry level tripod suitable for beginners Made from quality aluminium Durable and lightweight Can take up to 3kgs weight Flexible and adjustable legs CONS: Simpex Tripod This is a standard quality tripod from Simplex that does a decent job of providing stability and support to your camera.

The 3-way pan head pin allows you to capture smooth video and still photos.

Price Range for Tripods

This tripod comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Simpex Tripod This is yet another basic tripod from Simplex that is extremely lightweight and has a sleek and compact design. The legs come with vertical lock which provides firmness and prevents it from slipping. This tripod comes with lifetime Simplex India warranty. Photron Stedy Pro Tripod This is an entry level tripod that comes with number of useful features. The tripod is made from durable plastic material which makes it lightweight and portable.

The non-slip foam grip allows a firm and sturdy hold and prevents it from slipping. The multipurpose 3-way pan head is compatible with various types of camera. Push button locking mechanism of the tripod makes it easy to set up and detach the camera. The tripod is made from quality stainless steel and has a smart and sleek Italian design. The rubber feet of the tripod provides stable and secure foundation on any surface.

Compact mini tripod with stylish design Made suing quality stainless steel material Sturdy rubber feet Push button locking mechanism CONS: This tripod can take camera equipment weighing up to 3 kgs and provide stability on any surface.

Top 10 Best Selling Tripods in India

The fundamental function of the tripod is to enable you to place the camera at a variety of heights to position it perfectly. Therefore, extension height is one of the prime considerations for a tripod. Your own height can be the guide to decide the maximum height of your tripod. If it falls too short, the cameraman will have to bend down making him uneasy. Moreover, every extra centimeter can come in handy when shooting on uneven terrain or over obstacles.

The tripod must be able to support the weight of the camera equipment. You must be careful to choose that, it can support a weight that is fairly larger approximately 1. This is to keep a margin of safety. While you shoot you place your hands over the camera and exert some extra force that the tripod has to support. This should be taken into account. Moreover, you might add some extra equipment such as a battery grip or use a heavier camera in the future and a slightly higher rating will take care of that.

A tripod head does not come with the tripod and has to be bought separately. The head secures the camera to the tripod and controls its movement. The tripod heads come in different forms, pan-tilt, ball-head, gimbal head, to name the predominantly available types. The pan-tilt head has a single control or a dual one depending on allowing movement in one direction horizontal , or both directions horizontal and vertical.

The ball-head is better than pan-tilt as it is flexible and has a better operation with better security for the camera. The gimbal head is a special head to be used for heavier lenses.

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Keep in mind that the material is important for deciding the strength and the eventual weight of the tripod. Tripods are generally made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, though wood might also be used in larger tripods. Pocket tripods are made up of plastic too in addition to the other materials that have been mentioned. Aluminum and Titanium tripods are, needless to mention, heavier and cheaper as compared to the carbon fiber tripods.

Find your perfect three-legged friend

It should be noted that when it comes to sturdiness, aluminum beats carbon fiber. Aluminum will take a shock and a depression will be the result but there are possibilities that a carbon fiber tripod will snap at the same shock. A quick release system is available for securing the camera to the head. The best-known system is Arka Swiss quick release system which is used as an informal standard among manufacturers of the quick release system.

This system is an improvement over the previously used threaded system which was highly inconvenient and cumbersome to use. Buying one with this system would help you in smooth operation. So far we have had a look at the essentials to be mindful of when buying a tripod. Now, we discuss some of the best products available that you could buy and why you should buy them. Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod is an aluminum body and yet light enough for you to haul it on your back and carry with you to your next camping trip.

A bubble head is missing but that can be added once you have this awesome tripod stacked up in your home. A circular quick release plate with a scroll wheel mechanism makes attaching a camera very simple. If you have been in the professional photography arena for a long time and are planning to go all out into the art further, this is what you should own. This is your one-stop design for all the tripod requirements imaginable. Highly reliable and able to work in a string of applications and provides maximum stability.

No doubt it is an expensive product but it would suit all the professional needs and will give you strength and durability with the carbon fiber body. This is a well-engineered product with a very small folded length of 40 cm including the quick release plate, providing high portability to the user. The feet grip is good and that makes it stable. The tripod can be converted to a monopod by removing one of the legs and putting it together with just the center column, just in case you looking for little less weight. Specifications Maximum Loading Capacity: Carbon fiber, Aluminum Weight: It is a competent product without being exceptionally remarkable in any aspect.

It is a basic, stable, travel tripod that fits any of the basic uses that travel tripods are put to.

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The strength is comparable to its rivals in the market. It can be converted to a monopod.

What is a Good Tripod and How to Choose one.

The catch for choosing this tripod lies in the price range in which it has been placed. Gitzo mountaineer series is aimed to provide the best in class load capacity and stability for shooting anywhere. Though the high price is a big turn off, the attention to detail to the engineering design is a big winner and the stability and sturdiness make you fall in love with it. The reversible column and the leg angle selector also are notable features. Gitzo tries to woo the customers by promising them with high resistance and reliable support in this product and makes it one of the top choices for professional photographers.

Carbon fiber Weight: The leg sections are extended with a rotating lock, and the legs are reversely folded for packaging and can be used to form a monopod. The tripod is sufficiently sturdy and helps in panning and tilting with an extended degree of ease making use of a ball head.