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With gripping power, he challenges Christians to reclaim the lost kingdom message of Jesus and join a spiritual insurgence that can change the course of history. Frank Viola has helped thousands of people around the world to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and enter into a more vibrant and authentic experience of church.

His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. Juni Verkauf durch: Amazon Media EU S. Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. Insurgence is not a read it once-and-done, feel-good-about-yourself kind of book.

The message Frank delivers in Insurgence will disrupt you. It will challenge you. Insurgence shatters the long-held false gospels of legalism, libertinism, social justice, and political agendas so many Christians hold to and preach today. Insurgence beautifully explains the Kingdom of God message that turned the first century world upside down, and caused the early Christians to forsake the world system for the one that Jesus came to bring. I have heard Frank speak over the years and the one thing that strikes me most about him is his unwavering dedication to revealing the beauty of Christ that captured the early church so rapturously.

This is a kingdom message you have likely not heard before. Insurgence is the message and clarion call to break from this world and embrace the kingdom on earth as it is heaven. Insurgence is profoundly biblical, deeply engaging, and life-altering. It is an invitation. But it comes with a warning: You will need to read this more than once.

You will be re-introduced to Christ and His incomparable beauty! It will elicit radical change in you and you will never be the same again, nor will you want to be.

I received an advance audio version of the book from the published. I also purchased a paperback copy for myself so that I can read it again. It changed me and will change you too. Insurgence is far more than a knowledge book. It is more than gaining a fuller picture of the Kingdom. This book is a roadmap and battle plan. Popular in Heaven Famous in Hell: The Presence of God: Holy Spirit, Is That You?: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Showing of 8 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Vitally important book on restoring the full gospel to the church. A gospel which needs to be proclaimed from the rooftops. A compromised gospel is not really the gospel. My prayer is that this book will call many back to central truths that have been ignored and neglected. This book is such an eye opener.

RT Kendall is quite right. The good news of the Gospel - the Cross, the Blood of Jesus and the Resurrection is not mentioned from the pulpit nearly enough nowadays. May this book start a great change in the churches of this sad, lost nation. Arrived on time as described.

Building a Catholic eBook Library on the Cheap

Excellent price and great service. One person found this helpful. Loved reading about the need for us to get back to basics within our wider church. RT never lets us down.

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He always makes us think and strengthens our faith. Before I received a Kindle for my birthday, I had been saving up to purchase the five-volume, hardcover set of St. So I decided to see how cheaply you could build a solid, Catholic eBook library. I thought it would be a big help to other eBook fans to list out the best buys in one location, so here you go.

Before you read the lists, though, three things should be noted. But since the Kindle format is the most popular, I decided to link to that. Amazon provides free programs which let you view Kindle eBooks on your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or other device all for free. Finally, the cheaper an eBook costs, the more likely it is to have formatting issues, textual errors, or a missing table of contents. Most eBooks are available in different versions at different prices e. The best way to determine which version to get is to download a free sample of each and determine which is best.

Thomas — Catena Aurea-Gospel of John.


In addition to my original list of the best Catholic books , I have another follow-up post where I list more of the best Catholic books and eBooks. The one I have on my tablet now: The Glories and Privileges of St. Brandon, thanks for sharing this list. Hi Maria — You can get daily Mass readings and all of the hours of the Liturgy of the Hours on the internet — google Universalis. There are also sights where you can access the CCC indexed and various encyclicals and other documents from the Holy See. I access all of these on my Kindle 3G and have obtained very many of the great spiritual classics with fine navigation.

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Also, you can download many Iganatius Press books from Amazon onto your Kindle. I have many Church documents and papal encyclicals on my Kindle that I have copied and pasted from the Vatican website into Microsoft Word, then transferred to my Kindle wirelessly. I have a question for Brandon or anyone else who may know. I am a lay missionary and would like to have the books I read more compact. But can I download an app on any e-ink reader??

Kindle Deals for Christians

It is in adobe acrobat format? I would also like to have the Divine Office. Is this easily able to be downloaded? Would I do it weekly? I pray the 4 volumne.

Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna eBook: Swami Nikhilananda: xn-----ilccdawbf1bfizghhhcisj1vva.xn--p1ai: Kindle Store

Thanks so much for any help. You can get many of the classics for free and you can also download your own files onto it. There are also monthly subscriptions that automatically download for you each month. I would definitely recommend the Kindle. Hey Brandon, Project Gutenberg has thousands of free books, and probably close to a hundred of them are Catholic classics. I spent an evening downloading about 25 free Catholic spiritual classics for my friend onto his ipad.

Thank you so much for this post. Just got a Kindle and was thinking what I should have on it! If you go to Home Page, click menu, then experimental, then launch browser you access the internet. There are many fine Catholic sources but here are some exceptional ones which you can bookmark simply by clicking menu and bookmarks once you access the net:. I got my Kindle last Christmas and found a lot of what you listed but there are others that I was not aware of and will be checking out so thanks for the resource.

Here are some favorites that I have read this year on the Kindle that I recommend but are not listed.