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Ready to expand your collection? The heavy shapes and manic colors offer stylish eyewear for those who want to be bold. Anyone can design over-the-top crazy styles, but only a master optician like Thierry Lasry can create bold looks that still flatter the human face and provide an exceptional fit for any guest. Or, stop into one of our four locations and let our expert opticians help you find the perfect pair of glasses to help you stand out in a crowd. Its hinges, the tension spring in a clip-on sun lens and even the heads of the screws, all play a vital role in the beauty of the design.

Plus, sample sake from various Japanese regions from p. Matsuda Trunk Shows: As leaves begin to crunch, a chic fall wardrobe is always top of mind. Eyewear can be personalized to reflect your unique style.

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Fall and winter may see less sun, but harmful UV exposure can be just as damaging. Protect your eyes and upgrade your summer shades for fall with tinted lenses in oversized frames. Make your sunnies even more fashionable with warm touches of gold metallic.

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Tinted sunglasses from Robert Marc. Visit one of our four Twin Cities locations to try on a pair today. Elegance and refinement. Special, but understated. Take a break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. Remember, screen brightness, contrast and color temperature should all be roughly in sync.

Screens that are too high can create neck pain for the user since they must tip their head back to see. InVision also offers specialized office lenses — a great option for frequent computer users. Avoid viewing digital devices for at least 90 minutes before bed and ask your InVision eye doctor about a lens option to block out harmful blue light. To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam, call the store nearest you or schedule online.

Immerse yourself in style, elegance and true craftsmanship during our Leisure Society Trunk Show. Say goodbye to ordinary eyewear and experience the unique shape, material and vibrant color range from the new collection, including Bocca — the eyewear with legs and shoes! Marvel in the stunning texture and exquisite detail of this new collection, featuring gold temples, delicate combinations of metal and acetate, and subtle transparencies. Minneapolis-based eyebobs eyewear are the original high-style, optical quality reader. Find your new pair of reading glasses during our exclusive, one-day trunk show.

They also make a perfect gift! Immerse yourself in the unmistakable world of Matsuda Eyewear during an exclusive two-day Trunk Show at your neighborhood InVision. Robert Marc. Find your vintage style during our fall trunk shows! With an unmistakably flattering fit, signature hinge detailing and brilliant use of color, this favorite InVision collection embodies timeless quality and sophisticated style. From beautiful translucent hues to cleverly crafted temples, WOOW is a breath of fresh autumn air.

Explore the youthful colors, oversized shapes and streamlined silhouettes that make this collection fun to wear and easy to afford. Valid on in-stock styles only. Every Dilem frame comes with two sets of temples and you can add more any time, including extra-cool seasonal limited edition models.

Plus, from Sept. Oxibis Oxibis offers ultra-lightweight, modern shapes with lots of bright color options. In the Twin Cities, customers like Oxibis because the frames break out of the neutral color palette without going overboard. You can see and feel the obsession with craftsmanship in every pair. We love all of the designers we get to work with, but there is a special place in our hearts for these crazy, laid-back kids from Cali. Sunglasses are an important accessory all year round. They help protect your eyes — and the delicate skin around them — from harmful and damaging UV rays even during colder months.

At InVision, we can tint lenses in pretty much any color you can imagine, including multicolor fades that transition from one color to another. Clean glasses that are in good shape, with no breaks or major corrosion and still flexible enough to be adjusted without breaking can be dropped off at any of our four stores: Galleria , Grand Ave.

Brilliant combinations of flat and wire titanium, innovative temple details and lively color mean that you will be noticed. Exceptional sensitivity to the character of your face means the frames enhance your appearance instead of defining it. From the use of translucent color to the witty affirmations on the temples, WOOW eyewear appeals to our humor and sense of fun. Anti-crisis eyewear! The little message at the temple tips makes us smile first thing in the morning. Wake Up! Feel Good! Better than a coach. Of course, the styling makes us happy too.

WOOW features lots of youthful, oversize shapes and modern interpretations of simple classics. Streamlined silhouettes keep things easy to wear and easy to afford. Handmade in Italy, exclusively at InVision. Intelligently handcrafted by expert artisans in Luxembourg, each frame consists of unique materials of wood, horn, titanium and other precious metals that guarantee you the assurance of wearing a frame like none other.

When it comes to eyewear, finding a frame that fits your face is essential! InVision Distinctive Eyewear owner, Anthony Bosca, says even the smallest adjustments can make a big difference in the comfort of your glasses and the effectiveness of your lens correction. Try before you buy. Give your eyeglasses a test-wear based on your lifestyle. Do they stay in place when you look down at your phone? How do they look with your haircut? Look around the edges of the frame to see how it agrees with the contours of your face. See an expert. Eyeglasses are not one-size-fits-all! Your vision should be comfortable and effortless.

Whether you want to blend in or make a bold statement, fit is what makes a frame look good on your face. Master optical designer Robert Marc has done it again! Every DILEM frame comes with two sets of temples and you can add more any time, including extra-cool seasonal limited edition models. In their own words: Optics creates premium, handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.

Paul — Saturday, October 3, You use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, but did you know that exposure to sunlight can cause certain types of eye cancer and other optical diseases? UV Protection. Polarized lenses reduce glare by blocking horizontal light waves. Lens Tint. All lens tints are not created equally! Pictured, right. Anyone can design over-the-top crazy styles, but only a master optician like Thierry Lasry can create bold looks that still flatter the human face.

Free Glasses Frames* with Lens Purchase

Perfect proportions in every frame mean that you can carry off a stronger look than you might have thought. Paul — Saturday, September 12, Handmade in Italy and featured in fashion magazines from InStyle to Cosmopolitan, FEB31st eye- and sunglasses are made entirely from natural wood and range in style from colorful, chunky and oversized to fine, classic and understated. Each layer of a frame is stained in one or more! Come to InVision Distinctive Eyewear and see for yourself! Paul — Saturday, August 29, Cameron will be signing his book, Decades: A Century of Fashion , and hosting a very special vintage couture trunk show.

In honor of the event, InVision North Loop will be featuring a special collection of vintage eyewear. Eyebobs , the original high-style, optical-quality readers, are designed right here in Minneapolis! On Saturday, February 21, from Paris-based designer Pascal Jaulent draws inspiration from modern art, resembling small subtle pieces of architecture and contemporary design. Thursday, January 15, Paul Saturday, January 17, Gold and Wood has spent years refining the fit of their stunningly elegant wood frames, and every pair is made from beginning to end by a single artisan.

Stop by and find a new pair of handmade eyeglasses before your Flex Spending expires at the end of the year, or find a new pair of shades for your upcoming holiday travels. Thursday, December 11, Paul Saturday, December 13, Optician Marisha works at our Grand Ave. Based at our Galleria store , Tracy makes sure we all get paid! Angelique is an optician at our Galleria store. Photogenic Roxie was more interested in the photographer and her squeaky toy than the other dogs!

Thursday, November 13, 2: Saturday, November 15, Located at N. Second St. Designer sunglasses make a fabulous holiday gift and fit nicely in a stocking! Beginning Thursday, November 6, , hours will be: Cause a seen! French designer Thierry Lasry launched his eponymous sunglass line in If you want to go big, these are the frames for you. Perfect proportions in every frame mean that you can carry off a stronger look than you might have thought! Thursday, September 25, Saturday, September 27, Thursday, September 11 — InVision Grand Ave.

Paul, MN Friday, September 12 — Saturday, September 13 — Paul, InVision knows the styles Twin Citians are wearing to protect their eyes this summer! Looking for a pair of sunglasses to channel your inner diva? Men Guys are wearing shades with clean, vintage-inspired shapes. While neutral colors like tortoise and titanium remain popular, men are finally!

Locally owned and operated, InVision carries an exclusive selection of handmade eyewear and glasses for the Twin Cities. Expect an open, flowing floor plan that features original exposed brick walls and warehouse windows. Also, Bosca knows that eyewear is a critical accessory to any face and that the decision often requires second, third and fourth opinions. Anyone can snap a phone picture, but we make an extra effort, using networked DSLR cameras and iPads to render attractive, color-accurate images. Paul and at Hopkins Crossroad and in Minnetonka.

Optical designers continually mine the past for new ideas and strive to put their own spin on classic shapes. Either way, we love wearing frames that express some vintage style, while still feeling effortlessly modern. We love the detail on the bridge and the overall proportions. A classic shape departs from tradition with blue-brown gradient. This has etched metal temples too. This piece form Lunor is more pure vintage than vintage-modern.

Pretty though. Note the loop temple ends, which are very comfortable to put on and take off. Here a could-not-be-more-tradional silhouette receives a new lease on life from a bold tortoise pattern. This frame works really well for people who look good in warm colors. Then they knock us out by carving the whole thing from burled walnut.

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Chunky tortoise. This looks great on both men and women. InVision owner, Anthony and optician Clayton both wear this style. Made by hand, from vegetable-tanned leather and fully adjustable via concealed steel splines, these frames start out comfortable and get more comfortable with use. Another dazzling expression from one of the most independent and artistic minds in optical design today.

Merci bien, Lucas! Mass Produced Almost every pair of glasses in the world is mass produced. However, there are major quality compromises made in order to produce eyewear cheaply. At this level, plastic frames are injection molded, so they want to retain their molded shape and are difficult to adjust for fit. The plastic itself is lower-grade.

Metal frames are made from pot-metal, also known as Monel, which is heavy and prone to breaks. Handmade This is the category of frames in which InVision specializes. We work with a select group of independent optical designers, each with the experience and history in the industry to translate their designs to a perfect-fitting frame. The handmade process differs in many ways from mass production. Here are just a few important ones:.

Caroline Abram S/S 19 Trunk Show

Better materials: Materials II: Steel hinges are stronger and more adjustable than pot-metal parts. In this category, most all-metal frames are titanium for maximum weight-to-strength ratio and flexibility. Handmade plastic frames are carved from solid acetate instead of being injection molded, meaning they respond much better to adjustment. They look shinier and feel better too. Three weeks of polishing. Handmade acetate eyewear parts spend weeks tumbling in a drum with glass beads that polish the material to a deep shine, bringing out the full depth of colors and patterns.

Couture colors: InVision designers create new custom colors and patterns in acetate and metal for every seasonal collection. Superior fit and finish. People often comment on how our glasses feel when you pick them up; you can literally feel the quality and attention to detail.

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It also means your expensive glasses are going with some care to still fit and look good after two to three years of daily wear. Artisan Made Certain materials, like wood, buffalo horn and leather, require even more care and attention to detail that the handcrafting process allows. They demand highly specialized skills that only a handful of optical technicians possess, so one man or woman usually creates each piece from beginning to end.

Likewise, some designers approach the craft from a more artistic, less compromising perspective. Does it sound crazy to talk about glasses this way? Not if you know these companies, see the integrity with which these people do their work. The First Rule of Fit is: Go ahead! We can suggest a couple of general principles and things to look for in a frame, but nothing beats trying them on. If it looks good and feels good, it is good. The Second Rule is: We want to see your eyes!

Our eyes are such an important means of expression. Coupons

The best fit accentuates, not obscures, them. Third rule: Think more about your own coloring in skin-tone, hair and eyes. If a frame goes with your coloring, it will go with your clothes. Think of frame color in terms of contrast. Colors that contrast sharply with your coloring will stand out more and accentuate any strong design features in the shape of the frame. Look around the edges. Photographers learn to look around the edges of the viewfinder when they compose a photo.

In the same way, it helps to look around the edges of a eyeglass frame, looking for potential points of conflict with facial features.

Eye Care Blog | InVision Optical

With sunglasses, make sure you are covering your eyes adequately or you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to UV rays and eyestrain when too much light bounces in the sides of your frame. Size and Scale are not the same thing. You can wear a big frame, but if you have a little face, pick a frame that is scaled properly for your features. The first thing to know is: We also use them for wrap-around sunglasses, which can have distortion problems in the corners and they can even improve single-vision prescriptions. Think about traditional lenses as an old tube television.

Like the new TV technology, digital lenses increase clarity. Our opticians can answer your questions about digital lenses and help you find the perfect pair of frames to hold them! The Latest. Why InVision. Contact Lenses. Feb 6. View Our Instagram. Jan Jan 7. Jan 4. Dec 3. Nov Nov 5. Oct 9. Event Gallery. Sep New InVision in the North Loop! We didn't move far - just feet! Event Gallery Photos. Aug Aug 8. Jun 1. Event Sunnies. May Expertise Eye Health. The Future is Clear Fresh takes from the international spring eyewear show. Fit Trend. Apr Apr 2. Blossoming Spring Styles Spring has finally sprung!

Gallery Trend. Mar Mar 8. Expertise Fit Trend. Feb Anthony On: Fall in Love with New Frames Love is in the air! Gallery Photos Trend. Lunor Vintage Inspiration, Exceptional Craftsmanship Handmade in Germany, Lunor eyewear is inspired by classic vintage frames of the 20s and 30s. Expertise Gallery Video. Five Things to Know About Glaucoma Early detection can delay vision loss and prevent blindness from glaucoma.

Trunk Shows Wed, Dec. Dec 5. Read up on some of the most common questions our customers have about year-end flex spending. Dilem Trunk Shows Weds. Nov 8. Nov 1. Oct Expertise Trend. Oct 4. Matsuda Trunk Shows Weds. Too much screen time?

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Win prizes when you visit the next Trunk Show at your local InVision. Jan 9. Dec InVision Galleria. Oct 6. Stop in during our trunk shows and see why! Spring Sale ! Apr 4. Sunglasses Functional, Fashionable and Fabulous. Expertise Sunnies. Helen Keller Sight Award Recognizing leaders in restoring and preserving sight. Dec 7. Dec 1. Three Tips for the Perfect Fit. Expertise Fit. Nov 3. Dilem and Oxibis Trunk Show Thursday through Sunday, October , Giving your glasses a whole new look can be as easy as tying your shoe!

North Loop Grand Opening Celebration! Thursday, October 29, 5: Please join us as we celebrate the grand opening of our North Loop store! Sep 4. Sep 3. Apr 9. Thursday, April 16, from 5: Minneapolis Dec 2. Charlie, Dante and Deborah. Marisha and Pierre. The unofficial mascot, Pierre is in the store most Tuesdays and keeps everyone on a short leash! A native Calgarian, Dr. She was attracted to the health care field and felt that the technical precision of optometry and the exposure it provides to a wide variety of people would make it a rewarding profession.

She spent a four month externship in Hawaii at Hickam Air Force Base focusing on full scope optometric care. Renchko also spent the summers at the Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary working in the cataract and refractive surgery clinics gaining valuable clinical experience. Renchko considers her relationship with her patients to be the most rewarding part of her practice and uses her knowledge, skills, and the most current medical technology to provide optimal eye care to her patients. She believes in the importance of listening to patient concerns to best address their needs.

She provides full scope optometric services to patients of all ages and has a special interest in family eye care, including pediatric eye exams, contact lens fitting, and surgical co-management. Renchko feels very fortunate that she is able to balance the demands of her profession with her strong commitment to her close-knit family. Renchko finds her greatest joy in her family - her husband Martin and her three boys.

The entire family is focused on healthy living. Together, they enjoy many family activities including: Don as most patients know him, graduated in , from the University of Waterloo with his Doctorate in Optometry. As part of his training he spent time in an ophthalmology referral centre in Baltimore Maryland. He has worked extensively in both the refractive surgery field at two prominent refractive surgery centers as well as in private practice.

Don returned to his home town of Calgary and joined in practice with his brother and Dr Renchko in He has served as a council member on the Alberta College of Optometrist and various committees and advisory panels. Don enjoys travelling with his wife and two girls. Providing an exceptional patient care experience through caring and compassion with leading edge products and services has been the priority throughout practice and has been enhanced by joining FYidoctors in It continues to be very rewarding for Dr.

Don serving his community and he especially enjoys making a child's first eye exam fun. He looks forward to seeing you and your family for many years to come. Virk took a 18 month hiatus to further his studies at Foothills hospital in the Department of Physiology. During his tenure, Dr. Virk continues to work with students in a clinical setting, helping educate through the University of Waterloo Residency Training Program. Extracurricular activities include travelling with family, movies and satisfying a sweet tooth with chocolate. Dr Karim's internship experiences took him all over the world, including to Germany for 3 months where he trained the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Karim is also very involved in international volunteer work; he has traveled to India, Honduras and Thailand on optometry missions to help those less fortunate receive the eyecare they need. Outside the office, Dr.