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  1. I Updated My Stock Up Price List for 2018
  2. Free Printable Stock-Up Price List
  3. 2. Go to the store and add your regular prices.
  4. Stock Up (verb)

If you are new, then you will keep updating this paper as you continue to coupon. Like I said earlier, you will write everything that you buy all the time. If you buy it weekly, or monthly right it down. These are items that you want to save the most on, because you buy them so regularly.

I Updated My Stock Up Price List for 2018

Next time you head to the grocery store, right down what you would normally pay for those items. If it is yogurt, then write down how much you pay for yogurt each time you go to the store. Do the same thing for every item on your list. If you are couponing which I hope you are. If not, read my easy Couponing guide , then slash the prices as you find those items cheaper. Eventually all of your items will have a low price.

Free Printable Stock-Up Price List

The idea to making a stock up price list is so that you can save money. Once you have the lowest price possible, try to stockpile those items so you never have to pay full price again. Make sure you read my post on how to create a REAL stockpile to save you money. You probably will even cut your grocery bill in half…. I looked at the sale cycles and figured out what was my price point. I wanted to have a definite point of reference for when to stockpile.

The result is what I have to share with you today! I am pleased to share with you my own personal Stock-Up Price List.

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Many times, I combine sales and coupons to reach these prices, but I can and do find these prices on sales alone. These are the prices at which I am happy to fill my pantry.

2. Go to the store and add your regular prices.

So you know, these prices are based on the Fort Wayne area where I live. Some of you may find lower or higher prices depending on where you live. It is a factor of geography.

Stock up Prices? CleanCutCouponing

The Fort Wayne market does accept coupons but we no longer have any doubling or tripling. When the stores were tripling coupons, my stock-up prices were lower.

Now, by shopping sale cycles and using face-value coupons, these are my new stock-up prices. In this stock-up price list , I share the prices I aim for on over 50 of the most commonly purchased items. I kept the list to one page so it is easy to print out and store with your coupons.

Stock Up (verb)

I keep my stock-up list in the front cover of my coupon binder for easy reference. It is my hope that this stock-up list will be a help to you in your grocery shopping and frugal living journey. Thanks for visiting Joyfully Thriving!

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  3. 1. Write down your pantry items that you buy regularly.
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  6. Free Printable Stock-Up Price List.
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